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Diary of a Drunken Gamer Girl

Mikal O'Heron
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CON is my dump stat. I'm an art education major right now but I've got a lot more to learn about life before I would feel comfortable teaching others. Aside from art and education I like to study Celtic history, the Victorian era, and tea cultures. I'm really into role-playing games, video games, comic books, historical & alternative fashion, photography, and digital art. I love games, creativity, imagination, and stories. I think we loose the last piece of our childhood when we give those things up. I really enjoy original fantasy movies (Mirrormask, Stardust, Pans Labyrinth), b-movies (Manos: Hands of Fate, Kung-fu Zombies), and the old little kid comfort movies (Sword in the Stone, Sleeping Beauty, Sailor Moon, Flight of Dragons). I enjoy music and going to shows. I can get into a variety of musical styles but my favorites are industrial, punk, electonica, and symphonic metal.



I maintain The Milwaukee Tea & Corsetry Society community. Its a place to discuss ladylike pursuits including teas, tea culture, historical fashion, etiquette, literature, recipes, and knitting. The MT&C Society is also a review community for Milwaukee area tea houses. Once per month local members try out a new tea house and review it for the community.


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Dethklok is love brutal hatred

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